Keeper by Elise Hepner

Story: 8
Presentation: 8
Total: 16
Publisher: eXcessica
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Blurb: It's not easy working as a small time office clerk for the Honolulu Zoo in Hawaii. Candie occasionally substitutes for her co-worker as a zoo keeper when he's too busy with his whiskey bottle. But this time she finds herself in a bit of a bind as a new recruit comes in for an interview and some field training.

Candie is captivated by Sadie who is unabashedly sexual. The way she flirts her way through the interview makes Candie think she's been paid off by her friends for a practical joke. It's not easy making it through tourist season at the night clubs when you're a celibate lesbian looking for tail with chemistry and brains. Candie's had a dry spell a mile long and it's about to rain all over her parade. Sadie won't settle for anything less than Candie on her tongue.

Warnings: This title contains f/f sex, anal play, and voyeurism.

Review: WOW! Some nice lady lovin here :)

This sexy super shorty was hot enough to curl my toes and make me wish I worked in a zoo :) But only if I could have an 'O' like that one :)  Sexy, steamy and right out in the open, these two just go for it and get it done.

Ms Hepner did a good job putting major heat into so few words and still was able to deliver a worthwhile story that didn't seem to be missing anything. I am looking forward to reading more f/f from this author. Or anything else she decides to put out ;)

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