Sway Me With Lust by Suzannah Safi

Story: 8.5
Presentation: 9
Total: 17.5
Publisher: Extasy Books
Erotic Romance

Blurb: When Lilly Reed and George Bradley embark on a romantic getaway, romance is found in the most unexpected places. For weeks, George had been trying to bait Lilly into swinging, yet her lack of sex drive resists him. But on this unusual trip, Lilly's eyes open up to a world of fantasy she never knew existed. Rafael Sander, a mysterious stranger, rescues the couple after their car breaks down and brings them to his home where George enjoys the company of Gilda, the roommate.

Left to his charming devises, Rafael manages to open Lilly up to the world of passion--and regret--as the following morning leaves Lilly empty when she has to leave. The big question remains as George and Lilly drive home--will anyone ever compare to the way Rafael made her feel? And will she find her blue-eyed lover again?

Review: Sway Me With Lust was a sensual slide into a sexy and daring lifestyle. It was easy to see George was a sleazy snake. Lilly had emotional depth and longing for more than George is able to provide. Oh he wants her in the swinging lifestyle, but only for self serving reasons. I was glad to see Lilly had backbone enough to deny George while pleasing herself with Rafael. Rafael was simply divine. Charming, sophisticated and handsome with a deviant dark side waiting to be released on Lilly. The lucky woman!

In the beginning, I wasn’t surprised by George’s ruse. I thought it odd that a couple would go camping without a tent when there is still snow on the ground. Once I read past the beginning, the story was a pleasure to read. The sex was hot. Rafael was hot. His desire for Lilly was hot. And reading Sway Me With Lust made me hot!

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