The Gold Digger by Josie Hunter

Story: 9
Presentation: 8
Total: 17
Publisher: Siren
Historical, western ménage
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Blurb: When Cinda Parks discovers her stepfather has sold her sister and intends to sell her as well, she runs toward Deadwood to find Miranda. In the woods, she catches sight of a golden glitter in a stream and suddenly has a plan for the first time in her life. She will take over the abandoned claim, become a gold digger and have enough money to find Miranda and ensure their futures.

Miners Stuart and Mitchell Dare return from Deadwood to find a beautiful woman claim jumping on their property. Their only thought is to protect their fortune from the gold digger ensconced in their cabin. But Cinda is intriguing, and when she dares them to take a chance on her, it’s another challenge in a long line the Dare twins can’t possibly resist.

Cinda soon finds that security doesn’t always come in gold nuggets. It can be found in the arms of handsome brothers. Now she needs to convince them that being a gold digger isn’t a bad thing.

Review: I adore western romances. Rugged men, the flavor of the old west and women who were as strong as they were stubborn. This story has it all and then some. Gold fever, burning up the sheets sex and a sinister villain. But it also had two hot gold mining brothers that know exactly where to hunt for their buried treasure. The pace was swift and passionate. The writing was smooth and the descriptions so vivid, I was there with Stuart, Mitch and Cinda. Emotional flaws were healed with trust and love. The Gold Digger was simply wonderful. This was a story to be read and reread whenever you want to take a trip back to Deadwood and the gold rush of 1877.

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