Timeless by Blaise Kilgallen

Story: 2.5
Presentation: 4
Total: 6.5
Publisher: Class Act Books
Time Travel

Blurb: Harassed by an employer, Suzanne Thibold picks up a pre-read paperback to de-stress and is whisked to 1870 Dry Wells, Texas, inhabited by rank cowboys and town folks. She almost adjusts to the conditions when she learns Oscar Needham bought her as a Mail Order Bride.

A bronco-buster hired by the S-bar-M Ranch, Cady Dillon comforts Suzanne after she is frightened by a shooting fracas below her hotel room. A burst of adrenaline has them making love. Cady knows she's too good for him. He deserts her and heads for the California gold fields.

Suanne awakens in her hotel room, but in the year 2010, still in Dry Wells. She is hired by the town's current banker. Inhabitants she meets seem very familiar. When she gets a flat tire in a mall, Suzanne's former lover's great-grandson fixes it for her. They agree to meet at Dry Wells' Summer Rodeo. Cady (William) Dillon stands Suzanne up, but then appears at her condo after midnight to explain why.

Will she forgive him? What do you think?

Have you ever heard the saying "Can't see the Forest for the tree's?" Well, with this book I couldn't see the story for the words.

Let me start by saying that this is the first of Ms Kilgallen's works I have ever read. There were parts where the story flowed quite nicely and was easy to follow, unfortunately the sections that confused me far outweighed the parts that didn't. While I respect an authors desire to write authentic lingo, PLEASE make sure it is consistent and easy to read. I came across so many sections where I had to read a paragraph several times before I could grasp what was trying to be said that by the time I got it, I forgot what I was reading.

There were many words in the story that were penned in slang lingo that, though they might have been correct in 1870, reading page after page of dialogue filled with "yestiddy", "meebe", "p'bably", "skeered", and "jest" (to name only a few) became quite taxing on my brain. Not to mention the frequent misuse of the conjunction "y'all" If you are not familiar with this slang it is a combination of "you all" NOT to be confused with "you". Here is just one example of the misuse....“Sugar, y‘all so soft and cuddly I cain’t help wantin’ to touch you.”

Misspelled words (Apiece, Computer-ized, Viet Nam ), missing punctuations, and a few ickies (if a man EVER felt me up and said it was soft and squishy? EEEEW!) describing his penis rubbing along the birth canal in her lower body or "I‘m dying to suck on your nipples, like a l‘il babe starving for mommy‘s milk." NOT SEXY!! (These are just a few examples as there is no way I can name them all).

There seemed to be major holes in the editing in this work which I find to be a sad injustice. I feel that with decent editing this story could have been a much better read than what it was. A 200 page book has NEVER taken me 7 hours to read from start to finish. Though for me this story bordered on violating the Geneva Convention, I find myself drawn to certain parts where the dialogue was not so hard to follow and would read another of this authors works before I made a final decision about whether to read her in the future.

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