Make A Wish And Blow by Christina James

Story: 8.5
Presentation: 9
Total: 17.5
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Erotic BDSM
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Blurb:Birthday wishes really can come true—just make a wish and blow.

Daren Hughes has been tortured by his desire to have hot, kinky, wild sex with his best friend, Cassandra. So when he turns her across his knee for a bare-handed birthday spanking, she squirms but doesn’t demand that he stop, awakening his darkest desires. Daren hopes that by introducing Cassandra to bondage and spanking, she will embrace her submissive side and satisfy his Dominant hunger. But Daren never expects Cassandra's sexual appetite to match his own.

Cassandra Wright has been in love with Daren forever. So when he proposes they be "friends with benefits" and plans a weekend to explore their sexual attraction, how can Cassandra refuse? Even if he can’t give her the happily-ever-after-love she craves. But will Cassandra and Daren’s weekend of sexual bliss destroy the one thing that means the most to them…their friendship?

Review: Delightfully wicked and naughty!!!!

Oh yeah! For those who read BDSM, here is a story with a Dom who has found a sub he wants and a sub who just can't seem to give up some of her defiant ways :) Makes for some nice punishments :)

Friends to lovers has ALWAYS been one of my favorites!! and this one is no exception. Totally hot for each other, these two just can't fight the desire any more...who the hell would want to? Not me :)

With some interesting use of toys...No I won't spill:) The play left me aching by the time the sex came around. Build up was wonderful and the delivery rocked :)

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