Fratatouille by Kris Klein

Story: 9
Presentation: 9
Total: 18
Publisher:Shadow Fire Publishing
Contemporary m/m

Blurb: A young chef dreams of something other than cooking, unfortunately it's something out of reach... or is it?

Richie goes to his friend CJ's frat house to help them clean up for a visit by the parents of the fraternity's members. What he finds is more than just a mess. He finds half naked frat members all over the place sleeping off a drunken party, including CJ the man of his dreams.

What's a guy to do? Live out his wildest fantasies of course.

Content Warning: GLBT homoerotica (m/m), dubious consent

Review: If you haven’t discovered yet, Kris is my guilty little pleasure. He’s on my must read list and I’ll tell you why. It’s stories like Fratatouille. We all have those secrets, the dirty little thoughts we never speak of but secretly wish would come true.

Richie is going to help out a friend, a friend he’d secretly thought of doing wickedly naughty things to. But when the opportunity to quench his thirst for CJ’s body, and no one ever has to know (especially CJ) will he miss the chance to satisfy his long denied hunger? And at what cost? I can’t tell you without spoiling the story. All I can say is that I could taste his fear as much as, well it’s a Kris Klein story so you know there is plenty to tickle your taste buds.

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