Eclipse of the Twin Moons by J. L. Oiler

Story: 7
Presentation: 8
Total: 15
Publisher: Wild Horse Press

Blurb: A fierce warrior, Jaden has roamed the countryside with a group of mercenaries, but a heroic act to save a village lands her right into her villainous half-brother’s hands. Forcing Jaden into a cruel union, Jerreon hopes to gain power over all the clans, but before the bonding ceremony can take place a handsome stranger steps in to save her. Now as the twin moons begin to eclipse she must choose whether to take a chance on love or deny herself the pleasure of being in Breton’s arms.

Review: This story was unique.

Jaden is a very strong heroine who demands respect from those around her. Brenton is determined to prove they are mates. The ups and downs and twists this story takes made it an enjoyable read.

There were a few editing issues that I think should have been caught but other than that the story was solid and told well. Steamy love scenes and a family rift that just brings the whole story together. Oh yeah :)

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