Oranges For Apples by Millie Andersen

Story: 4
Presentation: 7.5
Total: 11.5
Publisher: Written Expressions
f/f Contemporary
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Blurb: Mirka and her boss have something going on. They are both attracted to each other but they are opposites and out of each other's league. Will something this forbidden be worth consuming?

Review: As a general rule I am a sucker for doing the boss stories :) I just can't help it. There is something so forbidden about them.

This one however was an exception. From the get-go I was so confused I wasn't sure what was going on. Water cooler conversations, a LOT of fruit talk, a lunchroom sex scene with a voyeur, more fruit talk and an ending. Those are the things I know were there.

I was so turned around by page two I had a very hard time even trying to keep up with the story. The conversation was there but like Charlie Brown all I heard in my head was "waa waa waa" It just didn't register with me. I read the story a second time hoping it was just my brain but alas I was just as confused the second time around.

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