The General's Treasure by Ana Star

Story: 7.5
Presentation: 9
Total: 16.5
Publisher: Written Expressions

Blurb: Salima is a dancer for the sultan and his guests. She spends her days in a cage with the other dancers having servants paint her skin gold and glue sapphire gems in her hair, the sultan’s favorite stone. All dancers are destined to be courtesan when they reach eighteen.

Salima, however, has a different plan. She dreams of spending the rest of her life with the general, the man she’s always loved. On her eighteenth birthday, Salima is allowed to spend a few days with the general at his private home. She is determined to seduce him even if it means defying the sultan’s law; she must remain pure until her special night with the sultan.

Will Salima find a way to escape her fate and live with the man she loves?

Notice: This title was previously published elsewhere

Review: Ok, this one was sexy once Salima grew up. For the first part of the story it is told from her POV as a child but nothing sexual really happens.
Cute and kinky, with a happy ending Ms Star did a good job. Written in first person we get to follow Salima as she learns ALL about sex and the pleasures it can bring. I giggled a couple times at her first impressions of the male body but was quickly swept away following her passion.

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