The Wife School by Samantha Winston

Story: 8
Presentation: 9
Total: 17
Publisher: Red Sage

Blurb:Arnold Souche has everything under control. He made a mistake with his first wife, but his second wife will be perfect. So that she doesn’t get any wild ideas, he sends her to an all-girls school in Switzerland to be raised by nuns, and gives her in the dowdiest clothes possible. Amelia is content to go along with Arnold, until the day Ben arrives in her life and suddenly she realizes that nothing can replace passion and love. But if she leaves Arnold, she’ll owe him a quarter of a million dollars, and suddenly true love is looking like something she’ll never attain.

Review: I have just finished this title and now it's time to give my review....Lets just say that there were many levels to this story :)
I laughed so hard in spots that I thought I was going to wet my pants! Some of the things Ben does, and gets himself into are just too funny for words. With only a couple spots that slowed to a crawl in this story the rest was paced well, with a GREAT dose of humor thrown in.
Amelia is the kind of woman that I really felt for. Her sense of duty and desire to follow her dreams war with each other. Thank goodness for Ben Dover. Yep you read that right! Just one of the many laugh out loud moments from the story.
Good job Ms Winston. If this is any indication of your writing style, I plan on keeping my eyes open for your name in the future :) Any author who can make me laugh that hard deserves a *SNAP*

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Thank you for a wonderful review!

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