Stuck On You by Various Authors

Story: 8
Presentation: 8
Total: 16
Publisher: eXcessica
m/m Anthology

Blurb: In this anthology, we bring you stories about men who just can't seem to keep their hands off each other and whose lives become enmeshed and entwined in hot, romantic ways. Even in spite of some sort of obstacle, these couples manage to stay stuck on each other, so don't worry, it all ends with a wonderful, happy ever after! Don't miss eXcessica's first gay male anthology! Stories included by J.M. Snyder, Alex Jordaine, A.P. Miller, Gavin Atlas, Kris Klein, Kenn Dahll, Sabb, Phineas Magnus and Selena Kitt.

J.M. Snyder
Story: 9
Beam me up Scottie! Great, fast paced action. I loved Xan’s hesitation and Reth was damn delicious—Xan thought so too. This is a fun little sci-fi story with plenty of spicy sex.

Coming of Age
Alex Jordaine
Story: 6
This story is actually two short stories. They aren’t connected in any way accept that the main character is initiated into sexual behavior. There really wasn’t much in the way of story, although Mr. Jordaine knows how to write kinky sex.

AP Miller
Story: 8
Super short, but damn, did the encounter give me tummy tugs. A perfectly delightful story.

Love and Rockets
Gavin Atlas
Story: 8
This story has a great message weaved in with some hot sex. I want to caution that there is full described a rape scene that had me cringing for Toby. However, Leo is a scrumptious top that knows how to love his bottom.

Stuart’s Not Little
Kris Klein
Story: 8.5
Yowza. Hot, sexy and oh so naughty. I can’t think of a shittier job than working in a grocery store, but holy hell, where is this store? I’m changing where I shop!

Universal Relations
Kenn Dahll
Story: 7
This story is filled with wonderful descriptions of non-human entities. The sex is hot and on the gritty side. But there wasn’t much “story” for the background for the unique characters and inventive sex.

View From the Barn
Story: 9
Vivid imagery, hot first encounter sex and a breath stealing moment toward the end made this the perfect short story. The words flowed over the page and I felt the emotion punch all along. Bravo.

Phineas Magnus
Story: 9
Oh My God! Love it!! Not that I didn’t know what was coming, (oh yes there is a pun in there ) but knowing where the story was going didn’t make the journey any less exciting.

Second Chance
Selena Kitt
Story: 9
Oh, this didn’t read like a short story at all. I love the mystery of both men. The twists and turns in the story pulled me in and never let me go. And yes, super hot men were having super hot sex. Yum

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