Pirate's Booty by Ashley Ladd

Story: 7.5
Presentation: 7
Total: 14.5
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Sci-Fi Erotic

Blurb: When space pirates kidnap Princess Melena, thwart her peacekeeping mission and get them all stranded on an uncharted planet, things can’t get worse. But after weeks alone with two sexy men, tenderness warms Melana’s heart and the hostile world becomes a paradise.

Enjoying erotic dreams of both Keir and Zarod, not knowing they’re a committed couple, Melana suggests the only sane solution in an insane world—a ménage. They may never leave this planet and what’s a life without love—or sex?

If she can accept that lady makes three, she’ll find true paradise in her lovers’ arms.

Publisher’s Note: Originally published in the And Lady Makes Three anthology.

Review:The opening scenes in Pirate’s Booty will make your heart pound while making you chuckle over Melena’s indignant and arrogant attitude at being kidnapped. And when her captors crash land her on an uninhabited planet, her attitude doesn’t initially improve. But after that point the story becomes a little fuzzy on plot and sexual tension. This story is categorized in the Spectrum line at Ellora’s Cave. I did not feel a strong connection between Keir and Zarod. Nor was there an intense sexual connection shown to the reader. It was stated but not felt. I did however, love the blossoming of feelings between Keir and Melena and less explicitly shown, Zarod and Melena. The ending of the story is sweet and yet poignant. The growth of all three characters is what sets this story apart. I enjoyed the conclusion and love that Melena, Zarod and Keir will live on in the annals of lovers living happily ever after in an unconventional relationship.

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