Loving Luke by Jenny Andersen

Story: 7.5
Presentation: 9
Total: 16.5
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Contemporary Cowboy
Blurb: Luke Stone has spent ten years in prison for someone else’s crime. The last thing he wants when he gets out is to return to the town whose people falsely accused him, but a man with no possessions, no home, and no future has little choice.

Hannah Bluefield has loved Luke all her life, but he doesn’t know it. She knows he's innocent, and his parole is a godsend. Luke needs a job. Her struggling ranch needs a strong back. And Hannah needs to know if she’ll ever mean as much to him as he does to her.

Luke wants desperately to leave Stone’s Crossing, but he can’t resist his attraction to Hannah. Can he put aside his past and let himself care for her, or will the pull of freedom be too much?
Review: Here is a full that when I finished I was totally glad I'd been the one to read it....even though there were some parts that I felt held no bearing on the story at all.
The flow was good, the characters nice, and the plot came full circle leaving no major holes. Parts made my tummy dip and swoop. I felt the emotions as I followed this journey. There were parts that when I was reading them just seemed to be put in for filled and I have to say I could have done without but over all I enjoyed the story and the authors ability to create a story that kept me.
Ms Andersen, good job. I can't wait to see what you have out next :)

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