The Last Candle by Katherine Kingston

Story: 7
Presentation: 9
Total: 16
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Erotic Holiday
Blurb: The magic Christmas candles Lindsey Hart inherited from her grandmother have helped her bring happiness to others when they flare up and show her a vision of what can be. When only one remains, Lindsey hopes its magic will be for her benefit this time. She’s delighted when the candle flare shows her a man—a very attractive one. Perhaps he’s the one who can help her explore her deep, secret fantasies, and maybe even one who can share her life.

Of course, she has to bail him out of jail first…

Publisher’s Note: Novella originally appeared in the Ellora’s Cave anthology Holiday Heat.
Review: Cute. If you like lots and lots of loving then definitely give this one a try. Since I have previously read one of the stories that was in this collection I went in knowing a little of what to expect from the story.
I liked the characters and found the plot interesting. There were a couple places when I felt things start to fizzle out but the author did a good job pulling me back in and keeping me turning the pages.
Ms Kingston, your ability to pen a tale that flows and keeps the pace was wonderful. Thank you for letting us peek into your tale. I hope to see more from you in the future.

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Katherine Kingston said...

Thank you for that very nice review! I appreciate it.

-- Katherine

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