Into the Mist by Lacey Thorn

Story: 9
Presentation: 8
Total: 17
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
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Blurb: Stand-alone sequel to White Valley.

In the aftermath of her best friend’s death, Nikki was looking for a reason for life when she took a long drive through the state park. A song in the air led her through the mist and into a valley to delight the senses. All of them…

Gunnar and Geran didn’t expect to find the naked beauty swimming in the bridal pool but they couldn’t leave her to face the effects of the water all alone. So they claimed her as their mate and took their pleasure in helping her reach hers. Again and again and again…until every inch of her knew their touch.

Review: Yowza! I need a bridal pool to jump in to! The soothing waters have turned Nikki into a hot mess and reading this book has done the same for me. Oh to be loved so well…again…again…and again. This quickie has great characters, hot sex, and a snippet of a bigger story all wrapped into a tight little package. (oh, I wouldn’t be speaking of Gunnar or Geran as little. Nothing on them, yeah you know what I’m taking about, nothing about them is little, including their larger than life attitudes.) They were perfect. They see Nikki, they want her, and oh man do they get her. Okay, so you can see this book is really about the sex. Well, hey isn’t that what we want from an EC quickie?

All sex aside, this is also a really touching story. Both Nikki and the wolves have had tormented existences. These three need each other and it was….um…arousing to see them together.

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