Happy Howlidays by Riley Ashford

Story: 9
Presentation: 8
Total: 17
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Erotic Paranormal
Blurb: Five hundred years ago, Alexander Addington was the Golden Knight, a man who battled his own ruthless father to save the lands and life of his true love, Princess Elysabeth. But he lost—both the war and his lady. A sorceress’s magic turned him into an immortal Irish Wolfhound—at least until he finds his reincarnated lover and breaks the spell.

Survivor Bethany Knight has made a new life in the small town of Winterhaven, Colorado. She loves her job in a pagan specialty store, and she even adopts a stray dog. Then Beth begins having sensual dreams about a handsome knight who claims she is his lady love. And all her dream man wants is for her to believe in magic…and second chances.

Publisher Note: Previously published elsewhere under the title Wolf in Santa’s Clothing. It has been revised and expanded for Ellora’s Cave.
Review: Like dark decadent chocolate the words melt in your mouth. Perfect setup, perfect execution, flawless ending. For the time it took me to read this engaging little quickie, I believed there just might be a tortured eternal love out there looking for me. This incredibly arousing quickie is perfect escapism. It’s snowing, the wind is blowing, it’s freaking cold outside, but because of Happy Howlidays, I’m toasty warm and a turned on mess.

This was the perfect length story to tell the tragic fairytale of Alexander and Elysabeth. But like all fairytales, in the end there is a happily ever after. Yes, it was perfect.

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