Spring Rites by Violetta Caprice

Story: 8
Presentation: 9
Total: 17
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Erotic Sci-Fi
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Blurb: Left behind by her human expatriates, Nere Aditi is caught in the sensual upheaval of the Komentani spring celebration. When Akosh Feltiruakh rescues her from the uninhibited crowd and hides in them in his house, they both become prisoners of their passion. But there are other powers fascinated by the telepathic abilities of the Komentani and seeking to profit from a tie between a human female and a half-alien hybrid. Once the marsh winds die down, Akosh and Nere will have to fight for their lives, and the fate of their union may herald the future of a whole race.

Review: Lunar alignments, marsh lilies pollinating, and conspiracy! MEOW! Eyeing each other from afar, Nere and Akosh have been thrust together during the Sarentrikot. The sexual chemistry between these two is blatant, even without the marsh lilies psychotropic toxins filling the air.

Ms. Caprice evoked a world where you can be lost in the passion of freedom and also fight for what is yours! From the details in the first day of the Spring Rite, to the pride of raghu (aww, can I have one?!), to the ‘game’ at the top of the hill near swamp; the imagination and concept of the story was brilliant.

I just wished there had been more back-story to develop the characters a little more. If this is just a tease of a longer book to come then I believe we are all in for a treat!!

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Anonymous said...

Good review, Ms. Captrice. Congrats!
LM Gonzalez

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