Transporting Kyle by Lee Pearce

Story: 8
Presentation: 8
Total : 16
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
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Blurb: Kyle. Soldier. Built to withstand deep-space battles. Never felt the touch of love’s passion. Mission—enter enemy territory undetected, repair a probe.
Lora. Bounty hunter. Psychic. Built to withstand the touch of her clients’ painful memories. Afraid to allow a lover’s caress. Mission—transport Kyle, destination unknown.
Ship. A sexual pleasure craft. Mission—supreme satisfaction.
Attraction is immediate and intense. Kyle’s single-minded determination neutralizes Lora’s psychic gift and Lora’s passion awakens Kyle’s human side. Ship becomes their sexual playground as they discover their physical and mental limits. Until new orders endanger their lives and Lora must discover a way to bring them both out alive, even if it means sacrificing her one chance at love.

Review: Beam Me Up, Scotty! This is a super-sized space opera is crammed into a small package. Secrets missions, powerful hidden enemies, and an over-the-top hero and heroine. Oh wait, I can’t forget to mention the screaming hot sex. If you love sex in outer space, this little Quickie will fire your afterburner and send you into orbit.

Now I’m going to my local spaceport to pick up a KYL32 sex maniac, know-what-to-do and doesn’t mind being told, soldier, make-me-come, scream machine of my own!

My favorite lines
“May I sex you?”
(then some erotic persuasion from Kyle)
“Yes! Oh, yes, you can sex me.”

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Lee Pearce said...

Thank you for the great review. I'm so glad you picked up on some of the fun, sexy dialogue. I'm glad you enjoyed the book.

Lee Pearce

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