Chocolate Craving by Brigit Zahara

Story: 8
Presentation: 8
Total: 16
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Erotic Contemporary
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Blurb: Well-known food editor and virgin erotica novelist Caroline travels to Paris to get the goods on chocolatiers Stephane and Etienne. Again. Having met the tasty duo the year before, Caroline is très excited to reunite with the incredibly sexy Frenchmen who were the sole inspiration behind her premiere torrid tale, Mona’s Ménage. While their initial meeting had been all talk and no action, Caroline’s secret wish that the threesome she’s been penning will come to life is very sexily fulfilled. And in a manner as warm and sweet as the chocolate they pour on each other.

Review: This one was a little tough for me. When I first started reading I was a little thrown by the omniscient point of view. I realized a few pages later the why of it though :) Once the story gets started....WOW does it go! hot Hot HOT!!! Studs, France and chocolate? Yeah Baby!

The story was cute, the characters well written, the plot steamy. A few times I felt the descriptive embellishments were way above and beyond what was needed, but the story was still able to hold my attention and keep me till the end :)

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