Blue Moon by Lorie O'Clare

Story: 9
Presentation: 8
Total: 17
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
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Blurb: Sandy Parks accepts her widow status in the pack. Her daughter’s success and status as queen bitch give Sandy the status she needs to lead a good life. Only one thing is missing—the touch of a werewolf, the companionship of a mate.

Ralph Hipp is tired of simply protecting Sandy from a distance. Too many strays chance upon her, hoping for a nibble from the youthful-looking widow. It’s time to make his move, show her this old werewolf still has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Together they prove life and love can be hotter second time around.

Review: GRRR!! Werewolves with a twist! I thoroughly enjoyed Ms. O’Clare’s spin on the ‘Modern Day’ werewolves: the whole pack picks up and moves to a new territory, they have their own school – with teachers! The second full moon of the month, the Blue Moon, is just in time for Halloween! The humans want to segregate the human kids from the werewolf cubs during trick-or-treating.

Widowed Sandy, mother of the pack queen, has become the love interest of Ralph, pack security. While ‘old fashioned’ and ‘modern’ bump heads, it still leads to some steamy sexy indoors and outdoors!

Although, I think this story ended abruptly; I really hope to see more of the Lunewolf series, Ms. O’Clare!


Lorie O'Clare said...

Blue Moon is actually reissued and originally released in the anthology, Things That Go Bump In The Night 4. It is the last book in the lunewulf series, book seven. Have you read the previous books?

romancereader said...

Lorie, No this is the only one I have read. Guess I need to go snooping for the others ;)

Lorie O'Clare said...

No need to snoop. Here is the link to all of the books. I haven't updated this page yet. Blue Moon still appears on this page in the TTGBITN4 anthology. I would definitely recommend starting with Lunewulf Law. All of the lunewulf books are available in paperback and ebook. Thanks for posting this review. And thanks to Google Alerts for sending me the link to your review. Have a great weekend!

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