Memory's Eye by Ciana Stone

Story: 5
Presentation: 9
Total: 14
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
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Blurb: My name’s Memory and I have a slight problem. I walked out on a business I poured my heart and soul into and took off across country to “find myself”. No luck on finding me yet, but I found something I wasn’t expecting. Marco Redwing. Sexy? Hell, that doesn’t even come close. Oh, the things I long to do to him. The kicker? He has a crystal pendant that’s an exact match to the one I’ve worn since I was eighteen.

It’s almost too good to be true. Problem is, every time I’m around the man my crystal pendant goes crazy. Damn thing sends off energy spikes I’m afraid are going to electrocute me.

Could I really find the man of my dreams in this charming southern city? And that’s the real problem. The crystal is supposed to lead me to the man I’m destined to mate with. Which sounds damn fine to me. But it also lets me know there’s something not so good getting closer.

And that’s the rub. There’s a demon after me.

Review: I thought the blurb was fantastic for this story and couldn’t wait to boot up the computer and set my eyes on the pages of the PDF. The prologue was a bit long, but I was okay, stuck with it, acknowledging a book is better if you have the history.

Finally, we get to chapter one, to the story. No, wait, it’s not a prologue anymore, but why do I still feel like I’m getting a lot of “prologue”? Ms. Stone doesn’t drop us into the action, doesn’t even come close, she drops us ten miles from home, and after I finally trudge the long journey to get to the heart of the story, I wasn’t sure I cared anymore. The book is nearly half over before the hero and heroine are even in the same room (not what I expect from erotic romance), then bam! it’s time for sex. (good, curl your toes sex) But back to the story-- For the remainder of the pages, the connection is instant, the sex is hot and there is a bit of the plot weaved through the sexual chemistry between Memory and Marco. But after using half the book to set up the great evil, the climax fell short for me.

In the end, I’m not sure this is a series I’ll watch for. And while this story ends in a very satisfying way for Memory and Marco, I wasn’t left with any cliffhanger/expectation of what’s to come for the other Chosen. Also, the blurb gives you the impression the book is told in first person. It is not.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up on the lack of story plot and how long it would take to get to the actual story.

Anonymous said...

Another reviewer loved this story. Never let a single review prevent you from reading something. This is simply a review...not the word of God.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that the reviewer didn't like this book. I read it last week and can't wait for the rest in the series. Great characters, an interesting premise and solid plotting. Maybe it's juust a matter of taste but it worked for me well enough that I'm reading all Ciana Stone's backlist.

romancereader said...

CDuke16952, Thank you for letting our readers know what you thought of this story. It is true that our reviews are the opinion of the reader and not every one has the same opinion. That is one of the reasons we encorage other readers to let us know what they thought of the book.
Thank you for sharing :)

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