Adult Education by Katalina Leon

Story: 7.5

Presentation: 8

Total: 15.5

Publisher: Ellora's Cave


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Blurb: Miranda has always had a thing for leather and a burning desire for her favorite professor and ideal man, Stefan Hewson. The sumptuous temptations of leather strike hard when she finds herself on a dreary job assignment at her old college, locked in a coat closet with a man’s luscious leather coat. Her fantasies run even hotter when the sexy owner shows up and catches her fondling his leather. It turns out Professor Hewson has been carrying a torch for her and he’s more than willing to show her who’s in charge of the class. Miranda’s not the only one who’s love-struck and harboring scorching-hot bondage and leather fantasies. The handsome professor is ready to add a few creative footnotes of his own…

Review: I loved this story. The BDSM aspects are perfect for those who aren’t sure of the genre and want just a taste. It’s a slow seduction and more of a mental restraint than a physical one. The writing creates wonderful images and the story has a nice flow. Miranda’s submission is beautiful to watch and Stefan is the tender in his dominance. Ms. Leon has really done a wonderful job with few words.

However, there was a bit on inconsistency in Miranda’s character. For an intelligent woman, driven and passionate, she hasn’t done much with her life for the last 5 years. I also wondered why Miranda didn’t know whose closet she was in when Stefan makes the comment that while she was a student he’d wanted to drag her into the closet a thousand times. That aside, this tasty nibble is still an easy Quickie to recommend.

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Katalina Leon said...

Romancereader, Thank you for the good review! I so appreciate your time and encouraging words.
Thank you!
Katalina Leon

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