Adrienne by D. Renee Bagby

Story: 7

Presentation: 9

Total: 16

Publisher: Samhain

Sci-Fi Romance

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Blurb: He crossed dimensions to claim her as his queen—but her reign may destroy his world.
A Bron Universe novel
Adrienne Backett wants two simple little things this spring break: rest and relaxation. After nearly four years of slaving away for her college education, she deserves a holiday. What she gets is pulled into another dimension by a man who claims she’s his rightful queen.
Malik, King of Ulan, has until his birthday to find his bride or he must forfeit his throne. When a spell reveals her location, he will do anything, even cross dimensions, to claim her as his own.
As if fending off a lusty king isn’t enough of a headache, Adrienne finds herself a pawn in a rival monarch’s plot to bring Malik’s world to its knees. But is the real danger being stuck in the middle of a power struggle between rival kingdoms? Or the damage Malik could do to her heart?

Review: Have you ever read a book that started out really good and then you hit a spot where you thought to yourself "Boy, she sure did take that well." That is how I felt about this story in the beginning. Here is a normal "Earth" girl whisked away to another dimension and told she will be marrying the king.Pissed at first, she suddenly has a change of heart and marries him. I overlooked that little "never would really happen" and continued. Then when I got to the end there was the HUGE "Ah Ha!" moment where it all made sense!!!!!!!

I still find it a bit hard to believe her parents just accepted the fact that their daughter traveled to another dimension, but hey, fiction is fiction. Aside from that it was a very good, well written, pleasurable read that I enjoyed to the end

*SNAPS* for this one Ms Bagby. Liked it bunches :)

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Thanks for the review. :D

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