Wanted by Outlaws by Natalie Acres

Story: 2

Presentation: 8

Total: 10

Publisher: Siren

Erotic Historical Menage

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Blurb: They're not your average bad boys. They're armed, dangerous, and ready to kill. Trouble with that is, they look good enough to eat, even when they're drawing their guns. Still, Emily has somehow avoided getting tangled up with the three men who share too many delicious similarities. They should--they're cousins.
Making a pact to stay away from the gentle and beautiful woman living all alone, the outlaws form a friendship with Emily and it proves important soon enough. With a crooked town and a bought marshal, Emily never sees the trouble that comes looking for her. She never expects the kind of danger she'll be forced to face alone.
But she's not alone.
With a torn dress, swollen face, and men just positioned to take advantage of her, Clay, Levi and Luke make it to her place in time to save her, but it isn't enough. Soon, they want to make it their full-time duty to love and protect her. However, she's not ready to love three men who are wanted by every lawman in the west, until she realizes the true pleasure found when a woman is wanted by three handsome outlaws...and the marshal who can save them all.

Review: *Sigh* OK so you have a young woman living alone in the old west and three outlaw cousins who are all smitten with her. I am not sure what I found more disturbing about this story. It wasn't so much the fact that this young, unmarried woman living alone was almost gang raped by the local Marshall, but it was what happened just after. As terrifying as that would have been, I cannot believe that this woman would then just mere hours later would want to hop willingly into bed with three men. And she is a virgin!

Maybe it was the fact that after such an event, when one of the cousins turns her down, she goes into town and asks a hooker how to turn a man on. Many it was the fact that this western had a virgin boning three outlaws at the same time. It could have been the fact that when another cop comes to talk to the outlaw cousins, she basically offers to have sex with him and one of the cousins at the same time if he will leave them alone. Of course it could have been the fact that she decided that the three cousins weren't enough and she wants the new law man to get in on the action on a regular basis too.

Or maybe it was the four guys on one girl action that happened such a short time after an attempted gang rape! I am sorry, I just don't think that ANY woman would be interested in four guys at once after almost having it force on her just a few days before, or even three guys at once just hours after.

Aside from the totally not believable story, the sex was hot! As long as you don't have an issue with a woman who appears to make sexual decisions rashly, then by all means take a peek. :)

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