Hot Night by Shannon McKenna

Story: 8

Presentation: 10

Total: 18

Publisher: Brava

Romantic Suspense

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Blurb: In The Crosshairs

Abby Maitland just landed a dazzling exhibit of priceless Spanish treasure for the museum-and someone would kill for it. Whether she likes it or not, Zan Duncan has to protect her. But Abby's mesmerized by Zan's untamed strength and very sexual vibe. From the long dark hair, the thick, hard muscles, and the black leather jacket right on down to the honed fighting skills and the tattoos, Zan is a master of subtle seduction, giving her night after hot night of secret, endless pleasure. Then a lethal game of deception, greed and murder gets underway-a game more sinister than Abby and Zan ever imagined. When no one can be trusted and no place is safe, their passion may be the only thing that can save them...

Review: Feisty heroine, Alpha Male, scorching hot sex, what else do you need? Oh how about murder, mayhem and one psycho badass villain and his minions. I loved this story and couldn't put it down. Yes, there were some creepy moments. Zan at times is a real asshole and times when Abby was reckless to the point of coming off stupid, but when you stir those irritating qualities with hot sex, non-stop action and surprising twists and turns you get an exciting story. The point to make in this review is to say Ms. McKenna took two equally flawed characters, brought them to life, and made me care about them.

Abby has had enough of bad boys! She wants conservative, successful and boring. Enter one wild, dangerous locksmith and Abby’s Hot Nights are going to get a lot hotter. Boring? This book—Never!

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