Surprise Party by Lisette Kristensen

Story: 7.5

Presentation: 9

Total: 16.5

Publisher: Eternal Press

Erotic BDSM

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Blurb: Jocelyn, recently separated from what she thought was the man of her dreams, is reawakened to the pleasures and pain of the BDSM world at a Surprise Party.He changed her life, took control of her and made her the way he wanted her, and then left her. Jocelyn withdrew from her social life, and lost faith in herself. Beth, her best friend, convinced her to attend a surprise party. Unlike any surprise party she’d ever attended, Jocelyn’s senses were thrust into the world of BDSM. Will the pleasure and pain from this experience reawaken Jocelyn’s sexuality and desire to live in a world of depravity.

Review: Ouch, it feels so good! This story has all the ingredients for a titillating journey into the dark world of stranger encounters and BDSM. There were moments where I felt Jocelyn’s reservations. During the story I wanted to kicked Beth’s ass, but happily Ms. Kristensen brought the story full circle and I accepted the circumstances that had Beth misleading Jocelyn. On the downside, the story is slow to get started and in a story this short, that was disappointing. About the time it got started, it was over. I also wish Ms. Kristensen would have taken a little more time to bring in the sensual erotic tension that lovers of BDSM need to read in a story. The sex was hot, but rushed. While Ms. Kristensen deserves a spanking for leaving me wanting more…she does leave me wanting more.


Lisette Kristensen said...

Thank you for the review! Just to let you know Jocelyn and Beth will continue their dark adventures. Loved the spanking and will do my best in keeping you wanting more and more.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to read more adventures of Beth and Jocelyn! This story was hot and fun and I wanted it to be longer! Good job Lisette1

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