Chosen by Angela Daniels

Story: 8.5

Presentation: 8.5

Total: 17

Publisher: Eternal Press

Paranormal Vampire

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Blurb: After vampire Lukoran first tastes Shauna, he induces an obsessive desire in her to be tasted again. To again feel that exquisitely pleasurable pain. Like an addict, she will crave it until it consumes her and she loses her freedom. Maybe even her life.
Although she's felt the touch of many other vampires, no one can satisfy her never-ending craving as only the giver of the first bite can. That’s why she’s tracked down Lukoran tonight. She’ll rid herself of his hold over her—even if she has to kill him.

Review: Are you looking for a short story to sink your teeth into? Well, this is a sweet treat with a deliciously sexy yet deadly bite. Ms. Daniels has given us a glimpse into a unique vampire world where once bitten the host has a craving for more. I found the premise of Chosen intriguing and would love to learn more about this wickedly sexy breed of vampires. For Lukoran one taste wasn’t enough, but Shauna, with her strong will and unique qualities isn’t one to easily submit.


Angela Daniels said...

Thank you for the review. My first! I'm so pleased you enjoyed it. I wanted to add something different to the vampire genre. So glad you feel I succeeded! It is definetely my intention to revisit the world of the Brethren and their Chosen.

Jessica A Burton said...

I loved this short story... the end left me wanting more.
The way Angela Daniels writes is so flowing and smooth. She paints the picture for our minds with her words. I give it two thumbs up if you like vampires, paranormal, or erotic reads then it is a must.

Tabitha Shay said...

Congrats, Angela
A great review and ooh, I love vampires...must read this book....Tabs

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