A Prince Among Men by Cat Johnson

Story: 9
Presentation: 9
Total: 18
Publisher: Linden Bay Romance
Contemporary Romance 57,924
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Blurb: Sergeant Ryan Pettit has a secret life blogging as Groundpounder, dutifully recording online a deployment where every day feels exactly the same—until a female reporter shows up at their all male camp. Then Ryan realizes nothing is ever going to be the same for him again.Ambitious Journalist Vicki Vanover is not above using her feminine wiles or a bit of blackmail to get a fabulous interview. When she decides to travel to a small base in Afghanistan, the last thing she anticipates is meeting Ryan, a soldier who runs towards danger rather than away from it and puts her in danger of losing her heart.In this high action sequel to Model Soldier, Cat Johnson continues the story of one squad’s time in the turbulent border provinces of Afghanistan. With the return appearance of Task Force Zeta, as well as the unexpected appearance of a beloved public figure, A Prince Among Men is another hot and sexy page-turner you won’t be able to put down.

Review: Where to begin? Well, at the beginning of course! WONDERFUL! FABULOUS! I WANT MORE!!!!!! What more can I say, I loved it. Hot Hot HOT HOT HOT!!!!! I laughed, I gasped, I was totally pulled in and fell in love with the characters. All I can say about Ryan is.....I want one! Totally great plot and super well written. I had no problems feeling like I was right there with them, experiencing everything.

Super hot sex, sexy men in uniform, a reporter who will do what it takes to get her story and a love that forms in the midst of a war zone between two people who might never have met but for a simple twist of fate bringing them together. WOW!!!!!!!!! That is Fab writing and Phenomenal story telling. I can't wait to sink my teeth into another from Ms Johnson. Snaps my dear, you deserve it!

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Cat_Johnson said...

Where to start.... Wow! And thank you. Your review means so much to me. I really felt like this was an important book because I wrote both APaM and the prior book, Model Soldier, while my friend SSGT Sean Abbott was deployed at a frighteningly tiny forward operation base in Afghanistan. Some conversations that Ryan and Vicki have were cut and pasted from conversations Sean and I had on IM, while he was in his tiny, shared mud hut on WiFi he rigged somehow while freezing when he first arrived in January, and sweltering in full body-armor by the time he left in July.

Thank you for selecting this book to feature this week in particular, when we all celbrate July 4th in the US and remember the troops over in Afganistan now, and the many, many more arriving for the troop surge.

Cat Johnson

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