One Soul for Sale by Cate Masters

Story: 6.5

Presentation: 7

Total: 13.5

Publisher: Eternal Press


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Blurb: Selling your soul high-tech style can still have catastrophic consequences.When Madelyn sells her soul on UBuy, she’s not ready for the hell that’s unleashed. All she really wants is to make a success of her art. But the gorgeous stranger who buys her soul for $666 asks her to perform a few tasks. Tests of her true worth, Madelyn thinks, as each brings her – and her cat Brutus – into greater danger. And closer to the frightening shadowy figure stalking her. On All Hallows Eve, her final test will open the gates of hell. Or is it heaven?

Review: Well here we go. The idea for the story I have to say really pulled me in. I love to read things that are new and fresh. A good paranormal is up there on the top of my list of the ones I would rather read. My biggest irk with this story was the fact that it was written in third person present. This was the first time I had ever read a book that was written like this. Don't misunderstand me, I read a lot of scripts while I was involved in one-act plays in high school, but never a book. It felt a little funny to me.

The story line was good and I really enjoyed it. A very good push and pull of good and evil. Inventive and engaging. I would have enjoyed it more if it had not been written in present tense, but hey, that's just me, and as I have said many times before, a review is only ONE persons opinion.

All in all I liked the story, though it was not really a romance. Still a good captivating read. $4.50 for a pdf of a 20k word is not to bad.

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