Hot Blooded by KyAnn Waters

Story: 9

Presentation: 9

Total: 18

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Paranormal Erotic 38 Pages

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Blurb: It’s hot as hell in Southern California, and Kelis LeBrun is having a bitch of a time keeping his focus and his fangs off the delicious looking Ms. Loni Soleil. Perhaps if it weren’t so bloody hot, he’d be able to stave off the hunger pangs. But the only way to do that is hot, sweaty sex…something he’d swore he’d never have with Loni. He couldn’t let her know he was a 300 year old vampire.
However, when they become trapped on an elevator during a rolling blackout Kelis discovers Loni has a few secrets of her own.

Review: Holy Guacamole! Hotter than Hell is just the tip of the iceberg for this one! But, if you are familiar with Ms. Waters writing, you already know she pens a show stopping story with scene stealing sex! I would buy her books just for the sex alone..........if the plots weren't so damn good! This story is NO exception to the fine work her fans have come to expect when they grab one of her books.

It is written in a little different fashion than I have ever seen before, but it only adds to the impact the story has on the reader. The only thing I can compare it to in a tornado? Fast, mind blowing, takes your breath away, leaves your knees weak when it's over and makes you want the thrill again? Yep it does all those things and more! Your colection, either paranormal or erotic, just isn't complete without this one.

Totally worth the $1.50 and then some. :) Enjoy the ride!

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