Giving Up The Ghosts by Alysha Ellis

Story: 8

Presentation: 8

Total: 16

Publisher: Eternal Press

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Blurb: Living with three hot ghosts who exist only to please her, Kelsie is in heaven—especially since that pleasing involves lots and lots of sex. However, when a demon curses them, fun time is over. If they come—they go! Suddenly being screwed takes on a scary new meaning.Never in the history of the paranormal have four people tried so inventively not to have sex—and failed so completely.

Review: This is the sequel to Ghostly Menage, which I have not read, though after reading this one I am going to go get the first book :) One of the things I loved so much was the fact that even though the story was fraught with sex and good dirty hotness, the plot was still there and very good. I was riveted and could not put it down. What single woman in her right mind wouldn't want three super sexy studs to take care of her every sexual desire? I know I would love to put my name down on the waiting list......shhhh don't tell hubby!

The only thing I didn't like about the cover was the dude. Not very sexy though I think he is supposed to be the demon in the story. Eh who knows. Aside from that it was well worth the time and definitely stokes the internal fires.


Tabitha Shay said...

Great review,
Congrats, Alysha...Tabs

Alysha Ellis said...

Thanks. And thank you to Seriously Reviewed. It is so gratifying to have a thoughtful reviewer who values plot as much as I do. As I have said before, I am a story teller, nothing more, nothing less. If my story entertains you, I am happy.

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