Escape to Ecstacy by Jodi Lynn Copeland

Story: 9

Presentation: 9

Total: 18

Publisher:Aphrodisia Kensington

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Blurb: Sexual healing.there's nothing like it. And Ecstasy Island is where it happens. Meet two heroes who know exactly how to vanquish a woman's every fear and teach her to love-and fully live-again. But this erotic escape is by invitation only.
Killing Me Softly
Chris Cavanaugh considers it his calling to breathe new life into women with troubled pasts. From the moment he brings Claire Vaughn to the beautiful but isolated outpost of Ecstasy Island, he's surprised by her strength and spirit-and held captive by her sensual imagination and skill, night after night after night.
In Living Color
Treah Baldwin believes in greeting each one of the women sent to him to be healed with a literal sexual awakening. His hands-on technique does wonders for body and soul. Dana Lancer has never experienced anything like it. Finding scorchingly hot erotic bliss in his muscular arms becomes a reality straight out of her wildest dreams.

Review:I love erotic just as much as the next girl....well, the rest of us dirty girls anyway :) and let me just say this book did not disappoint at all. Both stories were BURSTING with sexual tension, steamy love and tender moments that left me weak and searching for hubby! Sexy men on a tropical isle is yummy no matter how you look at it, but when you have a couple of guys like Chris and Treah, well, it makes paradise so much better.

If there was anything that I could have done without it would have been the use of the word "jelly" in reference to his/her love juices. Kinda made me think icky, but hey, that's just me and even with me saying that, I understand why the author chose to use that word as it is a play on a conversation between Chris and Claire.

The characters in both stories were wonderful. The sex was smokin', and the plots....yes I said plots :)....were very good. A wonderful way to spend an afternoon, especially if you need to get reved for your man! If you can read this book and NOT get worked hats off to you. You are a stronger woman than I.

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