Lord Atwood's Lovers by Eva Clancy

Story: 9.5
Presentation: 9
Total: 18.5
Publisher: Harlequin
Historical Erotic Romance
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Blurb: To the rest of the ton, Lord and Lady Atwood seem to have the perfect marriage. They wed for love and their marriage bed doesn't lack for passion--but Imogen is haunted by the memory of her first marriage...while Charles harbors secret thoughts and desires he's been unable to confess to his wife.

Then Charles's ex-lover, Alexander Lambert, arrives in town, throwing Charles into a tailspin--and awakening a surprising attraction in Imogen. Now, both have to face the possibility that they may need more than just each other to be truly complete....

Review: So deliciously naughty it should be illegal!!! Not only is the sexual tension so thick you could choke on it but DAMN....the emotional connection that goes along with it will just knock your socks off!!

I haven't read but one or two of these Spice Briefs before this one. Not sure why but they just ever jumped out at me. Let me tell you that I am glad I took a chance on this one and you can rest assured that I will be looking at more of these briefs in the future. If they are half as good as this one then all I can say is...YIPEE!!!!!!!!!!

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