One Naughty Night by Laurel McKee

Story: 9.5
Presentation: 9.5
Total: 19
Publisher: Grand Central
Historical Romance
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Blurb: A hundred years has passed since the bitter rivalry between the St. Claires and the Huntingtons began. But in London, the feud goes on . . .


Lily St. Claire will do anything for the family that saved her from the streets. With their support, the young widow has become the hostess of The Devil's Fancy, London's most exclusive gaming den. She's determined to restore the St. Claire family fortune, lost a century before to the despised Huntington clan. But a ghost from her past may be her ultimate undoing . . .

Lord Aidan Huntington is handsome and wealthy, with a taste for adventure and a reputation for wickedness. A gambler and a rake, Aidan can't resist a seductive woman with secrets - but one naughty night with Lily leaves him wanting more. As Lily is drawn into London's dark underworld by an old enemy, Aidan will risk everything to save the woman who has awakened his deepest desires.

Review: Wicked just barely touches on super sexy Lord Huntington!

I LOVE a good regency and let me just say that THIS was a goooooood regency! Powerful and show stopping, this is one that I could read a hundred times over and NEVER get tired of it :) HOT HOT HOT!!! Ms McKee blew me away and left me craving more of her work! Without a doubt one of the best regencies I have read all year :)

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