Rake with a Frozen Heart by Marguerite Kaye

Story: 9.5
Presentation: 9.5
Total: 19
Publisher: Harlequin
Historical Romance
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Blurb: Waking up in a stranger's bed, Henrietta Markham encounters the most darkly sensual man she has ever met. The last thing she remembers is being attacked by a housebreaker—yet being rescued by the notorious Earl of Pentland feels much more dangerous!

Since the cataclysmic failure of his marriage, ice has flowed in Rafe St. Alban's veins. But meeting impetuous, all-too-distracting governess Henrietta heats his blood to the boiling point.

When she's accused of theft, Rafe finds himself offering to clear her name. Can Henrietta's innocence bring this hardened rake to his knees?

Review: Oo la laWARNING! Smokin' Rake. Smoldering Passion. And enough heat to set you on FIRE!!!

HOLY CRAP!! Don't get me wrong, I have read a lot of books in the past 20 years.A LOT!!!! Even more during the past 3 since starting let me just tell you that upon occasion there is a book that comes along that is just so far above and beyond for me. That TOTALLY blows me out of the water with the richness of not only the story but the characters. A story that the author has woven with such care I can almost "feel" every word wrapping around me. THAT is a good book!!!!

Ms Kaye totally rocked my world with this one. I love stories about a strong man who finds that woman who melts his heart. *sigh* Not that I am ninny enough to think that's how it works in the real world re as shit makes for a GREAT story and an entertaining read.

SNAPS to Ms Kaye. Wonderful story!!!!!

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