Classic Murder: Mr. Romance by Mary Martinez

Story: 8
Presentation: 8
Total: 16
Publisher: Siren
Contemporary Erotic Suspense
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Blurb: Adam enjoys a lifestyle most men only dream of. Then one day he wakes up to find the morning headlines blaring, "Another victim falls prey to Mr. Romance. Who is next?" He suddenly realizes his way of life is not only frivolous, but deadly.
Dubbed Mr. Romance by New York society for his romantic adventures, Adam Fernando Russo loves women. But lately he realizes how lonely it is coming home to an empty house. Can he settle for only one woman? After he makes a list of qualities worthy enough to merit giving up his desirable existence, suddenly recipients of his coveted attention mysteriously fall prey to a murderer. The murders seem unrelated with one exception--all the victims have recently returned from a fabulous weekend rendezvous with Mr. Romance.
Adam’s assistant, Katie Sinclair, knows Adam is innocent with airtight alibis. The police are at a loss so Adam and Katie work together to discover the link between the murders. As luck would have it, their plan to prove the murderer is copying classic Cary Grant movies goes astray just as Adam realizes his perfect woman has been by his side all along.

Review: Fun, suspenseful and witty, Mary Martinez delivers the kind of story that keeps you up all night, tears you away from every day life, and keeps you invested in the book. Romantic suspense is one of my favorite genres, and adding this book to the collection was a great idea. I loved the story line, the intensity of the tension at times really had my stomach in knots and the pages flying. I read it into the wee hours of the morning because I wanted to know how things would end.
Mary Martinez has a way with characters and style that keep things interesting and surprising. The hero, Adam, has a lot to learn and a long road ahead of him as his world is shaken up in a big way.

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