Cinderella Thyme by Mia Natasha

Story: 9
Presentation: 9
Total: 18
Publisher: eXcessica
Erotic Romance
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Blurb: Eighteen-year-old Thyme Smytheson desires an exciting life away from Connecticut suburbia - where she can maintain her bohemian artistic lifestyle. But it’s not with boyfriend John Magpie, who happens to be the son of Blue Pumice frontman Jenkins Magpie, and it’s certainly not in high school.

A chance meeting with a mysterious man at a club called Slave changes her life, awakening her submissive desires. Slavko Fukov trains her using a formula based on the Nine Gifts of the Spirit. As Thyme acquires knowledge, she falls deeper into this strange new Cinderella world while trying to make sense of it. Slavko’s Slavic twist on the Cinderella fairy-tale causes Thyme to question everything that’s real, including the truth about her mother’s death. Who is her True Master? Is it John, Tommy or the elusive Darwin Darlington? And how will she make the leap into a real Dominant/submissive relationship once she finds him? Will she survive despite the destructive downward spiral that threatens her physically and mentally?

Cinderella Thyme is a story about redemption, forgiveness and second chances. All the characters from Mia Natasha’s debut novel, Cinderella Club, return for this revealing flashback-filled sequel.

Review:  I really loved this book. it had very good detail and really expressed all the feelings and thoughts of each person that was displayed in the book.

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