I am NOT a huge l endorser of diet pills. In fact I have had very little luck with them over the years. With ACE things a little different. Now, You need to remember that EVERY person is different. In reading the directions it says that if you drink a lot of caffeine you should take 2 pills a day....WHEWWWWWWWWWWWW not me and I usually drink 1 liter of pop a day :) Once I cut back to a single pill in the mornings though, I found that not only was my energy up, but I was sleeping better and not like I usually did. During this 2 week trial I lost about 3 pounds. I am stoked about that and I feel GREAT!!!!!

You can get a starter pack that comes with a 60 count bottle of ACE and 7 sample packs each with 2 pills for $59. While for me that sounded a bit high, if you think about it it is about a dollar a day....I spend more than that on my sodas. Since trial is now over I am planning on reordering and continuing ACE :)
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