A Broken Light by Diane Adams

Story: 9
Presentation: 8
Total: 17
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Paranormal Erotic
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Blurb: For Jace Bennett and Elias James monsters are no myth. Jace hunts them for revenge; Elias kills them to stay alive. When fate brings the hunters together, sparks fly, and defining monster becomes more complicated than either ever imagined.

For Jace Bennett and Elias James monsters are no myth. In their world, no one sweet talks vampires or cuddles werewolves. The night is dark, and the unnatural creatures lurking in it dangerous.
Holding back the shadow, hunters protect an oblivious population. Once filled with ideals, Jace now hunts to avenge his family. Elias, true to his incubus nature, kills to live. When fate brings the natural born enemies together, they form an unlikely alliance to save a town from blood thirsty ghosts.

Sparks fly and attraction flares, but when Jace learns Elias isn't human, prejudice threatens their fragile bond. A threat from a common enemy forces them back together and Elias' unexpectedly humane actions cast Jace's black and white convictions into shadow. Shaken and facing an impossible choice, can Jace learn to redefine monster in time to save them?

Review: This story will keep readers guessing until the end. There were enough paranormal elements to the story to keep things interesting but the attraction and witty/playful comments between the two main characters kept you ‘awww’-ing and the edge of your seats. And just when you thought things couldn’t get any spicier, a virginal sex scene and another love interest is thrown into the mix. The story was a short read about 250 pages and when it was over I jumped online researching the author for more of her stories. Overall this was a good story and I think it will be an even better series.

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