The Dog Walker by Corwyn Alvarez

Story: 10
Presentation: 9
Total: 19
Publisher: Bell Bridge Books
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Blurb: If there are guardian angels among us, surely Benny is one of them. Gently challenged and benignly observant, he lives with his long-suffering mother in the quirky and charming town of Mayfield. Benny is qualified for only one job: walking dogs. At that task, he is without peer. But Benny is more than a simple friend to the town’s canines; he brings the same guileless compassion to the people around him. Sweet and honest, offering poignant loyalty, he changes their lives.
Life is not as simple as he seems.

Review: A truely inspirational book that will touch your heart.

This is one of those tales that not every one will "get" but for thse who do, the journey will be breathtaking :) I was in awe at the masterful weaving of this tale and the way Alvarez was able to craft it in such a wonderful way. Animal lovers and dog lovers alike will surely enjoy this epic novel :)

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