Intrusion by Cynthia Justlin

Story: 9
Presentation: 9
Total: 18
Publisher: Self Published
Romantic Suspense

Blurb: Nanotechnologist Dr. Audra McCain has spent years hiding behind her research, shielding herself from hurt much like the dynamic armor prototype she’s worked so hard to build. When she is framed for its theft, she suddenly finds herself on the run with a man whose talent lies in hacking through the toughest of defenses.

Ever since a shattered knee ended his career in the Special Forces, Cameron Scott has felt like an intruder in his own life. Hiding his discontent behind a need-to-win mentality, he earns his living testing security systems by breaking them. When Nanodyne hires him to evaluate their system, Cam discovers someone has already breached the company at the highest level.

As Audra and Cam play cat and mouse with a ruthless thief out to use the prototype for his own sinister cause, they’ll have to break rules, violate security, and fight their growing attraction. But when love makes an unauthorized attack, Cam realizes he may have finally found the one firewall he can’t breach: Audra’s heart.
Review: The suspense genre is not always easy to maintain a constant fast pace without overdoing it. Intrusion is one of those books that held my interest from start to finish, and the pages flew. Tension sizzled, and the many twists that the author created I never would have guessed. Cameron and Audra's story is one of adventure. Put two people together that must find out a truth before they're caught, and you get fireworks. These two don't want to act on their attraction to one another, but they must learn to trust each other and work together.
Cynthia Justin creates characters that are well developed. The excitement and emotion had my heart beating faster and at times, a tear to my eye. True to the romance genre, there is a HEA, but what a way to get there. If you enjoy action packed romantic suspense books, then what are you waiting for? Intrusion delivers an intense plot, strong and stubborn leading characters, and a string of betrayal that leads to the astonishing ending.

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