Chase's Love by Wendy Smith

ChaseStory: 6
Presentation: 6
Total: 12
Publisher: Rebel Ink Press, LLC
Contemporary Erotic Romance
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Blurb: Rachel wasn't looking for love. As a matter of fact, she'd written off men altogether as the last thing she wanted in her life was another controlling jerk.At least that was the plan until the guy of her dreams walked into her life.

Chase Jamison had just got out of the military and was working toward expanding the business he started with his brother and best friends.He had a goal and he was focused.Never in a million years did Chase expect to find the sexiest woman on earth at his club.

As Chase and Rachel come together and try to find happiness, one question remains. Will Rachel's ex-lover step in and keep the pair from finding true love?

Review: This story was choppy to read. I was easily distracted by the unrealistic dialogue, cookie cutter insta-romance, and the main character’s whiny inner voice. Although the plot touched on the serious topic of domestic violence the sense of urgency didn’t translate from the authors words.

This lack of plot development maybe okay considering that it’s a short erotic novella but the sex scene wasn’t descriptive enough for the erotic tagline. The chemistry between the main characters was nice, and had enough affectionate scenes to make any live studio audience sigh and awww. The supporting characters lack development and often cause more of a deviation from the plot instead of enhancing it.

 Overall the story was okay. The average rating is due to a couple of factors. First, the plot is a bit exaggerated, rushed and unpolished. Second, the dialogue was too melodramatic for any late 20’s something adult to realistically use. I would lend this novella to a friend who was looking for a quick read that contained witty comments sprinkled sparingly throughout, and a lukewarm sex scene. But if my friend failed to return the book, it wouldn’t be missed on my bookshelf.  

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