Scrumptious by Amanda Usen

Story: 9.5
Presentation: 10
Total: 19.5
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Contemporary Romance
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Blurb: Joe Rafferty is just as mouthwatering as the food he cooks. But if he thinks he's going to waltz in and take over her kitchen, he's denser than a thick slice of chocolate ripple cheesecake. Marly has invested too much of her life in Chameleon to hand off the restaurant to someone else—especially a cocky-as-all-get-out superstar chef. But there's no denying the man knows how to light her fire. Question is: Can she have the sizzle without feeling the burn?      

Review: I LOVE to cook. Love to watch cooking shows. Love reality TV that has to do with cooking. I am a food junkie. And a book junkie. So what better than when my two favorite things get paired together in a mouthwatering tale that just rocks my world :) NOTHING!!!

Amazing, funny, captivating and brilliant. There just really isn't anything else I can say about this book...did I say amazing? Well, it was. Hot from the first page, the fire never sputtered, never flickered and kept me drawn in. I was in awe to say the least.

*SNAPS* to Ms Usen, you knocked it out of the park :) I can't wait to read more from you :)

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