Dark Chocolate Side of the Moon by Jianne Carlo

Story: 8
Presentation: 8
Total: 16
Publisher: Passion In Print
Paranormal Erotica
To Purchase
Blurb: Werewolf Maximillian Lobos likes his women overripe, luscious and curvy, and spitting-fire passionate. Prim and proper Candi Wagner is so not his type, yet when he discovers she wears chocolate body paint, his testosterone levels careen off the planet. Trouble is Candi doesn't understand what being claimed means, doesn't get that weres mate for life, doesn't believe weres even exist. Lucky for Max she's natural sub and he soon has her handled. Or does he?
Review: First look at this book the cover art is stunning, with just the right mix to make you want to pick up and read what’s inside. Once past the cover art the contents do not disappoint, with action right from the word go.

Jianne effortlessly manages to immerse you into Candi’s world leaving nothing out with the story-line, and giving you everything you need for your imagination to take you where Candi is, and want nothing more than to be Candi herself. Jianne gives everything in this book from amazing sex scenes to hilariously funny secondary characters in Carnation Rossa with a mouth that would get anyone in trouble.

Every emotion is felt and all credit goes to Jianne for managing to do this all within the pages of one book. I can not rave enough about how much I loved the story-line, the characters and the whole atmosphere of the book.

This is the first of her books that I have read and believe me I want to go back for more, the only downside is that I would have loved it to be longer, as I never wanted to leave the characters or the story behind a definite hit for me.

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