Home for Christmas by Merzi Ross

Story: 7.5
Presentation: 8.5
Total: 16
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing
Contemporary Erotica
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Blurb: When long-absent friend and company VP, Andrew Hayward, shows up at the company Christmas party looking his usual, debonair self, both Sara Kingston and her husband, Michael, can't help but notice. Of course, Sara understands her attraction—or so she thinks—but aren't Michael and Drew simply best friends?

And where have the two men disappeared to while the party's winding to a close?

When she discovers them, will she be able to accept the present Michael and Drew have planned?
Review: Overall, an enjoyable read. I’m a fan of menages done well and this one is nicely done. I would have liked more on the relationship between Michael and Andrew--not only their past, but I would have liked to see more physical interaction between them given their shared past. However, for readers who like menages to be all about the woman, this one delivers.

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