One Hot Australian Night by Liia Ann White

Story: 8
Presentation: 8
Total: 16
Publisher: Decadent
Contemporary Erotic
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Blurb: When it comes to love, Zalia is a cynic. After her last boyfriend cheated on and dumped her on Valentine’s Day; who can blame her? But after three years of her friend’s pestering, she’s decided to get back in the dating game. She agrees to contact the reputable dating agency 1NightStand with the understanding that if it doesn’t work, it’s a sign she’s destined to be single.

After a month of no luck, Madame Evangeline finds what she believes is Zalia’s perfect match.

Xavier is a hot successful lawyer. Two years after his wife’s sudden death he wants to find love again, but doesn’t know how.

When they finally meet will sparks fly or will it be a failed attempt at happiness?

Review: Very nice. A good fast read that was not only packed with emotion but characters that I really wanted to connect to. A well executed story that contained all it needed to satisfy...and then gave a bit more ;)

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