The First Bride by Sofia Hunt

Story 8.5
Presentation 9
Total 17.5
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.
Erotic Historical, Menage

Blurb: Determined to protect her sisters from a murderous uncle, Lizzie Prescott answers a "brides wanted" ad. She and her sisters journey to 1860s Washington Territory, a wild land of towering cedar trees and brawny lumberjacks.

Logan Gallagher brought the brides out west for his crew, not for himself, but he can’t get the red-haired beauty out of his mind. His brother, Gage, harbors his own desires for the opinionated redhead.

Can all three of them find love together in this untamed land?

Review: Yowza, now this was a historical I could get in bed with. For the beginning of a series, The First bride gives the reader just enough to hold on to without spoiling the fun for the books to follow. Never fear, you won’t be unsatisfied with the ending. The story between Lizzie, Logan and Gabe is a passionate tale. A refreshing erotic romance that allows the reader to get to know the characters and for the characters to get to know each other before they’re all jumping into bed together. Which brings me to what I loved most which was Lizzie’s contradictions. She questions whether she’s desirable, believing she wasn’t a woman to satisfy a man yet alone two men. Yet she aches to be ravished. She burns for both Logan and Gabe and I loved how she felt torn between them. Logan is a dominating, have-to-have-his-way kind of guy and Gabe is willing to let emotions unfurl naturally. The story was fantastic. Because Ms. Hunt does a wonderful job of clearly defining her characters, there is no confusing on who is doing what. From the first tummy tugging moment when Lizzie sees Logan for the first time, to the climatic conclusion, this story entertains.

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