Under The Desk by Miranda Forbes

Story: 8
Presentation: 8
Total: 16
Publisher: Xcite
Contemporary Erotic
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Blurb: Under the Desk by Charlotte Stein
Louisa starts behaving very badly indeed, when looking over hot guys at work makes the working day less humdrum. But how far can she take it? Surely there's only so much you can do in a busy office, with only your desk for privacy ...?
Marriage of Convenience by Jeremy Edwards
Trish Burton and Greg Levine are having a blockbuster time on the set of Marriage of Convenience, in which they portray the owners of two convenience-store chains whose rivalry ends in love, merger and marriage. At times they indulge in their commitment-free frolics to the point where the director is rolling his eyes instead of rolling the cameras! The two stars make the most of their proximity then go their separate ways when filming has concluded. But what will happen when they're reunited at a screening of their romantic comedy?
On the Lookout by Mia Lovejoy
Michelle is in trouble for sexual shenanigans on the job with a hot, young PE teacher. She plans to control her proclivity for younger men who like to play at work by accepting a job in a remote fire lookout tower. But the wilderness setting amplifies rather than tames Michelle's uninhibited sexuality. One fateful day, college boy Stan the Packing Man - who is packing much more than groceries - stays over during a wicked thunderstorm that ignites a wildfire of electric passion. Michelle is very satisfied at summer's end to be in more trouble than ever!
Needled by Heidi Champa
Sam spends his days wielding needles, inflicting pain in the pursuit of beauty and body modification. Denise had never been pierced before, until she met Sam. Today, she is back in Sam's piercing room, this time for the most intimate piercing there is. He's the only one she trusts to give her exactly what she needs. In every way.
Caged Heat by Lynn Lake
Shanna Martin is a prison guard, with a red-hot passion for her job and the men under her thumb. She plays on the razor wire's edge, however, when she makes the caged men watch her indulge her searing lust. Who will get burnt and who will get free? That's always the burning question inside the seething, sordid, superheated confines of the cage.

Review: Overall it was a well done collection. Each story was designed to titilate beyond the brink. If you are looking for a short story collection to crank up the heat and spark some....yeah you get the idea. Pick this one up and give it a go. :)

You can rest assured that Ms Forbes did a good job in making sure that there is something for just about everyone in this collection. WOO HOO!!!!

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