Signed, Sealed And Delivered By Jennifer Lynn

Story: 7
Presentation: 8
Total: 15
Publisher: Champagne Books
Contemporary Romance
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Blurb: It's love at first sight for Blaine Everett, and he'll let nothing stop him from marrying Beth. He begins a relentless pursuit of her by promoting her to his executive assistant at Starling Productions. Before Beth knows what's happening, Blaine moves into the apartment across the hall from hers and he's telling everyone they are engaged.

Beth has had enough bad relationships to last a lifetime, so getting involved with her new boss is not high on her agenda of things to do. With Beth fighting tooth and nail to remain coolly aloof, Blaine's only options are deceit and trickery. Aided by two matchmaking friends and a wily cat named Houdini, Blaine puts a plan in motion to woo the woman of his dreams, using every dirty trick in the book!

Review: I was really excited when I read the blurb for this one. I love a good romantic comedy...especially one that has this much going on :) They generally make for a fun, fast-paced read that is full of side splitting blunders.

I thought the plot for this one was great but I will admit that there were times when I didn't care for either of the main characters. There were moments when I wanted to shake Beth and others where I wanted to stand up and cheer for her. By the same token Blaine had moments when throtteling him sounded kind compared to what I really wanted to do. Ultimatly, both of these characters were able to come together and they made the story a total rolercoaster ride for me. One that I enjoyed :)

So even though there were moments when I groaned, overall I thought the book was done very well with a quirky, keep-you-glued plot and I look forward to reading more from this author in the future.

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