Shadows of Panic & Wicked Desire by Cassandre Dayne

Story: 6
Presentation: 8
Total: 14
Publisher: Rebel Ink Press
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Blurb: Halle Tremont loved kinky sex. When the mysterious phone call came in the middle of a busy morning at her office commanding her to remove her panties, she was shocked, but she removed them. Unfettered by his shameless request, she stood in front of the window allowing her voyeur to see all of her as she engaged in a little play. There was little she wouldn’t do for the mystery man that garnered her attention and allowed her to revel in her kinky side. Her lover, Snake Brennon, wanted her hot and hungry and their wicked affair had thrown them into some interesting positions; making love in the middle of an elevator, at his construction site and in a restaurant bathroom. There was nothing they wouldn’t try. However, Snake knew what she really craved and with the help of her best friend and one very exotic party, set out to fulfill her every fantasy. The first? Being pampered by several hand selected masked male volunteers to pleasure her naked body in the glistening pool while the guests observed. The second? A night of uninhibited passion as she lay bound, gagged and blindfolded. Enlisting the help of the same secret lovers, he was determined to give her the most uninhibited night of her life. The questions remained, who were the stunning men and could she savor the salacious acts or would the final kinky event put an end to their relationship?

Review: The opening scene is spectacularly hot, but the story loses momentum. Or perhaps, it’s the shift in point of view that is a turn off. The story is supposed to be about fulfilling Halle’s fantasies, but yet, Snake’s point of view presents the pool scene so much of the overwhelming sensations Halle must be experiencing are lost. However, the story picks back up when Halle’s point of view dominates once again and the story ends with a bang.

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